4 Suggestions to improve shower experience

Your day can be better with improve shower experience. Getting up early in the morning and going for the shower thinking it’ll make you fresh and active. But, once you finish there is no much difference and no soothing effects. If that’s the case you are not alone suffering from a situation but thousands of people around the globe. But, good news is that you can improve shower experience by implementation of suggestions, We’ve given 4 suggestion that will definitely improve your shower experience.

1-) Don’t use more soap to improve shower experience

Using more soap does not make you feel much great and fresh. Soaps are just good to remove the bad odour from some parts of your body. The most important point to note is that let the water be in contact with your body more than soap. You’ll feel improvement in the showering experience.

2-)  Don’t shave at beginning to improve shower experience

If you shave your feet and private parts at the start of the showering because the skin is dry at the start and it has not taken any time to absorb the water, it will not be soft from the root and make present some sort of resistance even if it’s wet.

3-) Don’t use too hot water

Please note there is a difference between hot water and warm better. The showering water should be warm but not hot. If you use hot water problem is that it makes your skin dry and it makes you lose moisture. Further, hot water increases your body temperature and leaving your body sweating just after you dry the water. Hence, the result of using hot water for showering is sweating and sweating instead of some freshness. 

4-) Don’t use too cold water

Improve shower experience

Using too much cold water activates your brain to generate heat. Your body starts to generate the heat and does not feel some relaxation as a result showering does not soothe your mind as a result. Although, cold water showering is good with certain benefits. However, there is a problem when the water is too much cold. To make water warm of your choice, electric shower can be the best choice to improve shower experience.

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