Bath water temperature for babies should be around 100-degree Fahrenheit or 37 Celsius. That’s the body temperature of a human, it won’t make the baby feel cold or warm and you can clean the baby with ease.

Bath water temperature for babies should be 37 Celsius

If you do not have a thermometer to record the temperature just try to feel the water. The water should be warm, not hot. If the water is cold, it can make your baby fall ill due to the sensitivity of the internal body mechanism and the same is true if the water temperature is too high.Bath water temperature for babies should be maintained.

Take care of following when you make your baby take a bath.

1- ) Gather all the things that you need during baby bath

Make sure you’ve all the things that are to be used in the bathing process. These things include a clean tub, soft washing cloth, soft towels, safety pins, shirts, gowns, baby shampoo, hair brush, soap and a blanket to cover the baby immediately after a bath.

Once you get all these things make sure to place in hand access because you can’t really leave the bathing process. If there is no place to keep the things there may be your partner helping you to provide things when needed.

2- ) Make sure room temperature is not too cold

That’s a really important factor to be considered while making preps for the baby bath. If the temperature of the bathroom is too low, it may create a problem of sudden temperature change within the baby’s body. Make sure you make all the possible steps to maintain the temperature of the bath room like you can close the curtains, close the door or anything possible to lower down the room temperature.

3- ) Make a firm hold on a baby

Please keep in mind that babies do make quick moves when you make them take a bath. Lose grip of your hand may let it drop the baby from your hand that can really be a big problem for the baby. You need to remain active and do all the things with a conscious mind as the activity is more than sensitive.

4- ) Not a daily bath

The body of the baby doesn’t need a daily bath and it might actually be a problem if you are doing it on a daily basis. Please note 2 or 3 baths per week should be sufficient to fulfill the needs of a baby. Once, the bath is over cover the baby with a blanket and move to a place suitable for the baby.

5- ) Hot water problem (Bath water temperature for babies)

If you are worried about the temperature of the hot water and the hustles of warming the water for the baby bath and yourself, consider buying electric showers that provide instant hot water at your desired temperature. Several varieties include traditional showers like Mira showers, Triton showers and digital showers.

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