electric shower tips and guides

The trend of an electric shower is increasing in the world today. I’ve compiled a list of the electric shower tips and guides. There are different companies offering modern and latest electric showers that include Mira electric shower, Triton electric shower, Aqualisa electric shower and Bristan electric shower.

FAQs of electric shower tips and guides

How does an electric shower work?

An electric shower contains an in-built heating element. Like, you see tea kettle, there is some heating element. The same goes for an electric shower. An electric shower is connected with a cold supply, water passes through it, heating elements heat up the water to your desired temperature.

Are Electric showers safe as there is a water and electricity combination?

Yes, electric showers are safe. The showers are designed to be used in the bathroom. So, companies use a thick layer of the insulating material to ensure there is no flow of electric current in touchable parts of the shower.

Why we should install an electric shower?

The best feature of the electric shower is an instant heating element. If you are a big family and a boiler is not enough for hot water, you must go for the electric shower.

Further, an electric shower will definitely help you in energy saving as only the required water is heated up.

And yes, if you are building a new bathroom then an electric shower will surely increase the beauty. From the beauty perspective, I always prefer AQUALISA electric shower.

What should I check before buying an electric shower?

You should check that wiring of your home is strong enough to support the power of the electric shower. If your wiring is strong enough, go for the 10KW electric shower.

If your house wiring is not strong enough, go for the lower power electric shower like 8.5KW etc.

What should be the size of the water pipe?

The output water pipe of the main water supply should be around 15 mm.

Can I install an electric shower myself?

Seriously, I would advise you to hire a professional plumber because there are certain technicalities of the installation processes. For instance, you may have an understanding problem of the ideal water and cable entry points.

Please note that a combination of water and electricity can be a dangerous one if your electric shower is not fitted accurately.

What is thermostatic control?

Thermostatic control is a feature in the electric shower that is used for controlling the temperature of the flowing water. You set a desired temperature in the thermostat and the internal heating element is heated to the same extent as you had set on the thermostat.

Please note that some electric showers show digital numbers of the heating temperature and some electric use revolving buttons and some electric showers like Bristan electric showers give a digital display.

Which electric shower should I purchase as looking for the replacement of my previous electric shower?

Mira electric showers are the best replacement if you are replacing an old electric shower.

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