How to clean a shower head to Remove Limescale

I’ll explain the process of how to clean a shower head to remove limescale. Now a days, modern showers like Mira electric Shower and Triton electric shower are designed in a way to avoid an accumulation of limescale. However, if you are staying in an area of hard water and the quantity of limescale is huge, it can block your water pressure from the shower head.

If your shower head is losing water pressure due to the accumulation of the limescale, it definitely impacts its performance. But, relax limescale can be removed in few simple steps.

The process of cleaning a shower head to remove the limescale can be divided into 5 easy steps as discussed.

1- ) Get the shower head out from shower

In the first step, you need to separate the movable part of the shower head. Just apply some revolving force and you’ll be able to remove it. Some shower heads do not revolve to open, you just need to open their screws and clean with some extra tooth brush or anything that can actually clean.

2- ) Rinse the shower head with water/vinegar

Now, collect some water and rinse the shower head with the flowing water. Try to clean the head with the help of some extra brush in your home. This will result in a good cleaning of the shower head and result in better performance.

3- ) Clean removed part of shower head

Now, you can clean the movable part of the shower in your hands. Again use the same brush to clean the part in hand as you did with the fixed part. It would be much better if you can use some vinegar to clean the shower head. It will even clean the frozen limescale to give you a better performance. Now, please ensure you are satisfied with the cleaning of the shower head.  Once, you are satisfied jump to the next step.

4- ) Reassemble the shower body

Now, you just need to re-assemble the parts of the shower head with a screw in your hand. Just try to fix the screws properly otherwise it may fall on your head once you intend to use it.  If there is still a problem or water is not coming out with pressure, there may be a problem with the main water supply.  Even, there may be a problem with your shower.

If you are thinking to replace the existing shower, please go through our recommendation of the best electric shower. I hope you find the answer of your question how to clean shower head to remove limescale.

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