Difference between electric shower and power shower

There is a difference of thermo-element, pressure system, and water supply that make a difference between an electric shower and a power shower.

Power shower gives an artificial boost to the flowing water out of the shower. Power shower just gets hot and cold water from different supplies, mix the water to your desired temperature, and boost the pressure being power shower.

Thermo element

Electric shower contains thermo-element that got a capacity to heat up the flowing water. Performance of the thermo-element / Thermostate is dependent upon the selected KW. In my opinion, 10.5 KW is good enough to give you a better showering experience.

Water supply

If your main water supply has good water pressure, you should go for the electric shower as there is a natural capacity for the water to flow. But, you must ensure the position of the supply is adequate to supply sufficient water.

Electric shower or power shower ?

People often ask which shower is good. It’s not about good or bad it’s about your needs for the electric shower. If you are looking for a shower to give you hot water with built thermal capacity, the best choice seems to be an Electric shower. But, if you are concerned about the pressure and want to boost artificial water pressure, the best choice seems to be a power shower.

Based on my experience, I’ve compiled a list of the frequent problems and possible solution in electric and power shower.


If you are looking for the purchase of electric shower, I’ve a complied a list of the best electric shower.

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