Power rating for electric shower

There are three power rating for electric shower. These power ratings typically include 8.5KW, 9.5KW and 10.5KW options. You need to be very conscious in choosing between the power ratings of the electric shower. There are a number of the factors to be considered when choosing between power options of electric showers. The factors for power rating for electric shower include,

House wiring and Power rating for electric shower

Please consider durability of the wiring you’ve installed in your house. If wiring is weak, it’s better to adopt for the less wattage power options. This will not put increased burden on your wirings. If wiring is new and strong, you can opt for the 8.5KW and even 10.5KW.


10.5KW consumes more energy resulting in higher electricity charges and consumption. It’s about availability of the money in your pocket and your preference to expense it out. So, its up-to your discretion and affordability.

Need of the water

Selection of the power option is dependent on your need for the water. If you need water in more quantity in instant time, you’ll be able to get it with higher KW rating. For domestic purpose 7.5 KW should also be sufficient.

Water pressure

If you need to heat up the water coming with the pressure, you’ll need a higher KW rating of 10.5 KW. If water supply of the main stream is moderate or low an electric shower with a low KW rating can be used. The science behind the concept is that higher power current can add more heat to the higher water flow.

If you need an electric shower for a domestic purpose. I’ll advise to opt for the lower power electric shower as this fulfills your need for the hot water sufficiently. If you need advice regarding purchase of the electric shower, Please click here. Our advice for the purchase of electric shower revolved around the Mira showers, Triton showers, Aqualisa shower and Bristan shower.

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