What is Electric shower

An electric shower is a device used for instant heating of the water. It’s thought to be used for the luxurious showering experience. Hence, It makes the showering comfortable and you can easily get access to the hot water.

Let’s have a look at the functions and how does it work.

What is electric shower heating element

The heating element is used for instant heat-up of the water. The science behind the concept is simple. It works in the same way as your kettle for the tea. As water passes through the heating element, it gets hot as per your desired temperature. Hence, your heating element is the most important feature of the electric shower.

The heating element is covered with a solenoid that acts as an insulator and does not let electric current pass throughout the body of the electric shower.

Beauty aspects

These are designed considering the features of the bathrooms and modern construction features. It gives exponential beauty to your bathroom and a luxury showering experience.           

Luxury experience

It creates an amazing luxury experience for the person standing under the shower. You have control of the water flowing and the desired heat of the water that falls on your body. Yes, it’s a luxurious experience.             


Once fitted, these have a long life. Usually, there is no problem reported in the shower and related functions. These are durable and long-lasting. The average life of the electric shower is around 20 years. Yes, you can have an excellent 20 years of showering with some amount of money.

User friendly

Even a child can use it easily. All the functions are self-explanatory and the user can easily make use of it. It’s indicated that what’s your desired temperature and level of warm water you want for your showering experience.

Easy installation

It can easily be installed in your bathroom. However, you need to understand the mechanics of the electric entry and water entry in the body of . However, I’ll advise you to hire some professional plumber as performance can be disturbed if the installation is not done accurately.

What is electric shower Peace of mind

If your family is large and there is the problem of hot water due to the boiler, then it’s a brilliant idea. This will give you instant access to the hot water. That’s due to the instant heating element.

Best Electric shower companies in the UK

Best electric shower companies in the UK include Mira electric showers, Triton electric showers, Bristan electric showers, and Aqualisa electric showers. Opting for the company depends on your needs and requirement of the electric shower.

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