What is hard water?

Hard water is when there is a higher quantity of the minerals contained. There are different minerals known to be a part of the water . The well-known elements of the this water include limestone, gypsum, and chalks, etc. Even, there may be traces of iron, magnesium, sulfates, and bicarbonates.

There are certain health benefits of drinking dense water as mineral requirements of the body are fulfilled. However, there can be a problem with the dense water when it comes to the usage of the electric shower for showering purposes and industrial use of the water.

Problems of the electric shower due to hard water

The problem of using dense water with the electric shower is that elements of the hard water like calcium, magnesium, and iron get stuck in the holes of the shower head and block the water. If accumulation of the minerals does not block the water, it will slow down at least.

How can we soften the water?

Two methods can be used to soften the water. One method is to change the chemical position of the water and the second method is to filter the elements of the hard water. This will work like you filter the tea before taking in the cup.

The second method is changing the chemical composition of the dense water. It can be done by adding salts of baking soda. These chemicals provide positive ions that carry out chemical reactions and soften the water at the end.

Further, you can simply boil the water and leave it for cooling purposes. This will let the elements like calcium, magnesium, and iron sunk at the bottom and the surface water can be used as soft water.

Health benefits of the high mineral water

Calcium and Magnesium as part of the water that can be a supplement for the diet. If there is any deficit in the diet of the individuals. Hard water can be used as a supplement and adds to the good health of the body.

Use of the shower filter

A shower filter has small pores that can filter the elements from the flowing water. However, you need to clean the shower from time to time. However, a good-quality shower head can help in this regard.

High mineral water and skin

Hard water can cause skin problems. The problem is that water does not rinse the soap from the skin. This causes different types of skin diseases that include eczema, sensitive skin, psoriasis, and other types of skin diseases. Actually, these minerals accumulated on the skin absorb moisture from the skin and leave the body dehydrated with an imbalance of PH. That’s really a mess. Specially, if your skin is a sensitive one.

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