What is lukewarm water?

Lukewarm water is a term used for mild hot water or warm water. Lukewarm water ranges from 36.5 Celsius to 40.5 Celsius. Normal body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius and Lukewarm 1 or 2 Celsius higher or lower than normal body temperature.

When you put the finger inside of the lukewarm , there is a feeling of the warm temperature but that’s not a hot one and you feel it as warm water.

Lukewarm is not the same as environmental temperature. The water is said to be lukewarm when there is 1.5 degrees Celsius of heat is added within it. There are multiple benefits of drinking lukewarm water.

Lukewarm water helps in digestion

Drinking lukewarm improves the process of digestion and food is processed fast. Further, it helps in the movement of the food within the intestine and guts. This activation of the stomach helps to improve the pace of digestion.

Lukewarm water good for the weight loss

Drinking lukewarm helps your body in the process of metabolism. As a result, your start to lose weight and look smart. While an adequate supply of water is necessary for the proper functions of the body. Different activities of the body require the use of water for normal operations. If adequate water is not given to the body it may actually be fatal.

Increase blood circulation

If you drink lukewarm the flexibility of your veins and arteries increases. As a result, these flow the blood in the body with increased pressure and help organs in appropriate functions.

Helps in increasing beauty of the skin

Drinking lukewarm cleans the body from toxic chemical reactions and material in the body. Specially, it cleans the accumulated toxins of the skin and increases the glow of your skin.

Helps in constipation

Drinking lukewarm contracts the bowel. This contraction pushes the bowel out of the intestine at a greater pace than normal bowel. Hence, increased motility of the bowel helps in ease from the constipation.

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